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Sarah first discovered yoga while studying at University initially as a way to improve her fitness and support her long-distance running and horse riding. As well as challenging her body and helping her feel more connected to it, she found the emotional and mental connections most beneficial. It was a great way to relax her mind and provided a sense of grounding when her life was starting to considerably change.

Sarah later moved to London to pursue a corporate career. While Sarah loved the buzz of city life, her yoga practice became an essential tool to help bring a sense of calm and balance. In 2017, she completed her 200 hour Teacher Training with The Power Yoga Company, London (Yoga Alliance). Since the training, Sarah has continued to explore and deepen her yoga practice through visiting an Ashram in India and attending retreats abroad. In 2019, she also completed a 90 hour Advanced Anatomy & Yin training with Yoga in The Big Smoke, London (Yoga Alliance). Sarah considers herself both a student and a teacher and will always continue to learn and develop her own practice before teaching others. Sarah wants to share how yoga has truly changed her life for the better and has allowed her to be a more open, content and optimistic person.

Sarah teaches Vinyasa Yoga based on traditional Ashtanga postures and Yin Yoga which is based on Chinese Medicine. Her classes are physically challenging, while also mentally stimulating through guided breath control and meditation. Sarah wants her students to have fun, experiment and leave feeling more uplifted and mindful.