“I have found Sarah to be an inspiring capable and confident yoga teacher . Sarah encourages you to develop your practice, seemingly to know when you are capable of doing more.  What I particularly like and applaud is her approach to include oral Yoga philosophy into her sequence, a subtle yet important feature that differentiates a Yoga class from other mainstream exercise classes. The word ‘Yoga‘ meaning ‘to join’  or ‘to unite’, Sarah achieves this aim by creating harmony between the mind and body throughout her class. I imagine the  task of having to instruct virtually is much more difficult than instructing in a live situation as the cues for the sequence need to be even more detailed, precise and clearly spoken. I have been able to follow Sarah’s sequencing cues with ease. I believe Sarah to be competent in teaching to all levels of Yoga students, that said , it might be prudent if you are an absolute beginner to contact Sarah before hand . I hope I get the opportunity to practice with Sarah in a live class situation very soon.” 

Debbie – March 2021

“I have really benefited from one-to-one sessions with Sarah. She is an excellent yoga teacher, gentle but challenging in equal measure, and focused on ensuring that the foundational elements of each posture are right. After a few weeks I am already much stronger and navigating the transitions between poses better.”

Cathy – Private Client, Feb 2021

“You are a calm and knowledgeable teacher, confident in your expertise and skills, giving just the right level of challenge. I was encouraged by you to try harder as I came back to yoga after a lifetime away. As I get older I need to make sure I have the flexibility to tackle whatever comes next – you’re giving me that – thank you.”

Liz – Private Client, Sept 2020

“Sarah is a great teacher, I always feel so much better after doing one of her classes. I find her classes to be challenging and dynamic, yet relaxed at the same time – she breaks down different levels of difficulty, so you can take things at your own pace. Her instructions and adjustments are clear and helpful. Thanks Sarah”

Steph – June 2020

“Perfect blend of energising and relaxing yoga flow, skilled and knowledgeable teacher, beautiful surroundings, egoless yoga at its best.”

Alexandra – Feb 2020

“I had one of my best experiences in yoga with Sarah. I found Sarah’s conscious and present approach to her practice to be very effective, along with her knowledge of the human body and science behind each move. Very professional, I highly recommend Sarah to anyone of all ability.”

Olly – November 2019

 “I am reasonably fit but as I get older I am less flexible. I also lead a very stressful life. I did a bit of yoga many many years ago but Sarah’s class is different. I feel I am learning correctly with advice regarding various options. The class is not competitive but warm and friendly. I feel very calm whilst I am there and leave feeling totally at peace with the world. I am hooked.”

Sharon – October 2019

“Brilliant class. Sarah is very friendly and helpful throughout the class and helps you to adjust where necessary. Really enjoy it!”

Bryony – July 2019

“Brilliant class. Sarah is very friendly and helpful throughout the class and helps you to adjust where necessary. Really enjoy it!”

Anne-Marie – June 2019